A Morning Prayer Before a Journey

(To be spoken before starting a journey, which is believed to save one from mishaps. Can also be said before starting the day or a new project.)

I, [here the name is to be said,] will go on a journey today; I will walk upon God’s way, and walk where God himself did walk, and our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and our dearest Virgin with her dear little babe, with her seven rings, and her true things.

Oh thou! my dear Lord Jesus Christ, I am thine own, that no dog may bite me, no wolf bite me, and no murderer secretly approach me: Save me, oh my God, from sudden death!

I am in God’s hands, and there I will bind myself. In God’s hand I am by our Lord Jesus’ five wounds, that any gun or other arms may not do me any more harm than the virginity of our Holy Virgin Mary was injured by the favor of her beloved Jesus.

(After this say three Our Fathers, one Ave Maria and the Creed.)