About Us

Whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31)


Who are The Visionaries?
The Visionaries of the Sacred Heart is an enclosed Traditional Catholic religious order consisting of brothers who are dedicated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, promulgating traditional Catholic values, Bible education and healing in various forms. We are faithful to the Church and to authentic magisterium, especially as the term applies before the rifts that were caused by Vatican II.

What Do the Visionaries Do?
The Visionaries are quite busy with helping people who inquire of our services such as Masses, prayers in general and various services related to braucherei. Braucherei, especially Catholic braucherei, is traditional healing services utilizing methods known to the Church in medieval times. Braucherei, as practiced by the Order, is along traditional Catholic guidelines. While some websites and books claim that braucherei is a form of “witchcraft” or “Wicca” and “New Age,” the Visionaries have nothing in common with them. Braucherei is not even a religion but is more of a practice and form of healing or assistance to those in need. There are also others among the various Protestants denominations who practice other forms of braucherei, but these too, if genuine, are never associated with the “New Age” or “witchcraft.” In fact, braucherei helps ward off the evil in the world and from within the Church and wolves in sheep clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?
The Order fo the Visionaries of the Sacred Heart is concerned with spreading education about traditional Catholic values, true catechesis, and healing. It is not the Order that causes the final result of the work but is God and God alone. We do not charge for any services, nor ask for donations. Genuine practitioners of braucherei never charge for providing help to others.

Can You Initiate Me into Braucherei?
There is no such thing as an initiation into braucherei. If you see someone claiming that they were initiated as a braucher, then you should probably avoid them. If anyone claims they were “initiated” as a braucher by the Visionaries, they are not being truthful.

Do You Only Provide Services to Catholics?
We provide services and prayers for anyone who asks, regardless of their religious affiliation. If someone asks for something of a sinful and/or criminal nature, we will pray for their repentance and conversion, and ignore their request.

Does a Braucher Use an Altar?
There are various forms of Braucherei, and not all require an altar. Among Protestants, an altar is almost always absent from their practice. With Traditional Catholics however, a domestic altar (home altar) is almost always present, as it is part of our tradition. It is usually from the altar that many of the sacramentals are practiced.

Can I Become a Braucher?
Almost anyone willing to learn can practice braucherei. One must realize that the practice is strictly Christian and not to be mixed with “New Age” or other cult-like practices. Once it is watered down with such practices, it is no longer true braucherei. While books are by no means the only way one should learn, they can be helpful in learning about the history and some of the practices. Two such books include Pow-wow or Long Lost Friend by John George Hohman. The author was Catholic. This is a core text of the braucher. Another book we recommend is by C.R. Bilardi. Search for The Red Church or The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei the Traditional Blessed Healing Act for the Good of Man and Beast. Both of these volumes are easily obtained through online book stores such as Amazon and others. You can also check the links page for Braucherei related sites.

Is it True that Appalachian Granny Magic is Similar to Braucherei or Pow-wow?
“Appalachian Granny Magic” is attributed to certain groups which mostly live in the southern parts of the Appalachian mountains. While some of the practices are quite similar, not all of the southern practices were known in the northern regions of the mountains. Over time, some of the practices may have merged through adoption if those practices were not seen as conflicting with traditional braucherei. Similarly, some Protestant Appalachians in the south have adopted the rosary, holy cards and certain other Catholic sacramentals. Over time various cultures will usually tend to find a common ground in some of their practices. Thus, it is not unusual to see some of the southern Appalachians’ practices and folklore within that of the Pow-wower or Braucher. However, we do not refer to our practices as “magic.”

Are All the Prayers in Latin?
We pray in various languages. The Tridentine Mass is always prayed in Latin as well as certain other traditional Catholic prayers. Other services are prayed in Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch or English. It depends on the rubrics of the text being used.