Apparitions, Visions, etc.

When does Our Lady or others appear to you – at night, morning?
Apparitions of the our Lord, the Blessed Mother, saints or angels, almost always in the early morning hours, but sometimes in the evening. One time in particular that seems frequent is 3:00 p.m., but more often at 3:00 a.m. These almost always take place during prayer, regardless of the time of day or night.

What does the Blessed Mother wear?
Our Blessed Mother has appeared mostly with a blue and white robe, with head covered and a long veil.

When she appears, is Our Lady young or old? Does she appear alone or with others?
I can only ever recall her appearing as young, perhaps in her early twenties, but with a countenance that one can recognise great wisdom, naturally. Sometimes she is alone, other times she is holding the Holy Child, or a statue of the Holy Infant of Prague in her hands. Sometimes she points to the the statue as it is elevated to her left (this would mean that Mary is to Christ’s right). Sometimes she has appeared with St. James (of the Epistle of St. James) or the various apostles.

Do you believe that the Blessed Mother appears to other people?
I do in fact believe that she appears to many others in different situations, throughout the world. She has said this herself on various occasions. She has also said that she has appeared to others to bring a specific message, and that they are to hold the message secretly until the individual is told otherwise.

Does Our Lady speak soft or loud?
Our Blessed Mother has always spoken to me in a soft, gentle voice. This is not to say however, that her face appears as serene every time. When she speaks of evils against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, her expression is in shock and horror. When she speaks of the attack on the family (especially regarding divorce), again she appears “unsettled”.

How long does the Blessed Mother or others remain? Is there conversation that takes place?
When she or others appears, the length of their speaking is not always the same. Sometimes ten minutes, sometimes an hour. It varies. It is not always a conversation. Our Lady always seems to know what I’m going to ask (I usually have questions, asking for clarification), before I verbally express my questions. She (as well as most of the others) usually does most of the talking.

Have you written down everything Jesus, Mary and the saints or angels have said?
In most cases I try to transcribe what our Blessed Mother or others are saying. In some cases, my hands are being held upwards and I can’t write. Those times are not by my own choice, but more like someone else is pulling them upwards. Once on a very bad day (physically), the Blessed Mother or someone else pulled me so far up by my hands that I was standing in front of my wheelchair. I do not see hands touching my own in those cases. Other times there is such a great light that I am unable to see to write. If I recall what has been said, I write it down with a note that says I am writing from memory, and not so much pure transcription. Two priests have been encouraging me to share what I am able to share from these transcriptions. (thus the existence of this website)

Do you feel peaceful or upset when Jesus or Mary appear or leave?
When the Blessed Mother arrives or leaves, I am never upset, except when she speaks of the horrors and crimes against the Sacred Heart. When she sheds tears, I am so extremely upset, it is often times overwhelming and I just want to die (literally), knowing how much pain and agony that those who claim to be believers are causing her and her Son. It can take a few days to “recover” from the depth of the emotions that are produced with those types of encounters.

On one occasion, the Blessed Mother repeatedly referred to the love of the Father for all of humanity, and especially for those who are His sheep. I stated that I have always believed the Father loves His children, but because of circumstances I was not able to completely understand or grasp the full meaning of what it means when she or others speak of the never-failing love of the Father. After I had stated these things, she said, I shall show you. I can not explain the emotions that flooded me. That was a love that no human can ever understand. I still can not fathom it to this day, and have never been able to “get over” how I was feeling when I was flooded with that warm, loving light that came down from the sky and into her hands, and to my heart. I could not stop crying for three days. I felt such deep compassion for every living creature (even animals, insects, everything), and I felt feelings of betrayal and hatred that humans have against the Sacred Heart. My eyes were closed so tight because of the agony I could feel, like swords piercing one’s own chest. Then I felt a hand touch my own, not a feminine hand, but more like a man’s hand. As I looked up, my Lord wiped my face with what His mother repeatedly refers to as His “tallit” (prayer shawl), and I fell down out of my wheelchair and knelt and touched His scarred feet. I am overwhelmed just thinking about it as I write this. He touched my head and said certain things, and comforted me, and said, before leaving, that His love is the same as the Father’s love, that His love is sent down out of heaven through the Father’s hands, through His own hands, by the Holy Spirit and through the hands of His mother Mary.

Do you know the angels by name?
When the various angels appear, they do not always express to me their names. I have asked what their names are, and have been chastised for doing that. I was told “We are not here to speak in our own name, but in the Name of the Lord above. Listen to His words, not ours.” They were quite adamant about it. From then on, I never asked their names again. On some occasions they have stated their names because it is within the context of a message, for example, if St. Michael or St. Gabriel are mentioned within the message. One example of this is a reference to the “St. Michael the Archangel Prayer” recited after Mass.

What do the angels look like? Do they wear human clothes or something else?
Sometimes they are very light-like beings, and I can only see their faces. Rarely have I ever seen wings, but more or less like “light-wings” – that’s the only way I can describe it. On one occasion I was in a public park. I noticed how the pigeons and certain other birds were walking beside my wheelchair going in the same direction as I was. This wasn’t totally unusual, but it didn’t seem natural for some of those bird species to not fly away once they saw a human in their immediate presence. As I approached one of the park benches, an elderly man was sitting there observing this phenomenon. He said, “Looks like you have quite a following there.” I agreed, and stated how odd I thought it was. He said, “Haven’t you ever heard, that birds of a feather flock together?” I responded something to the nature of “Oh yes, but I never really thought of myself as a pigeon.” We laughed and then all of a sudden the birds all flew to the elderly gentleman and were obscuring my view of his face. When they flew upwards and perched in the tree limbs above, his face had changed to that of an angel which I had been visited by a year before. He had a number of things to say, which I transcribed word for word. So, at that time, before changing his appearance, he was wearing every day human clothes that one could purchase at a common retail store. His clothes were very simple, nothing expensive.

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